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About What A Hat

Gentlemen and Ladies, if you desire the look of distinction, elegance, style, or comfort; What A Hat has something for you. Our hats are stylish, unique, and affordable!

What A Hat is a premiere casual and dress hat vendor with a variety of hat styles for both men and women. With an array of both traditional and contemporary hat styles from Europe, New York, Los Angeles, and South America, as well as one­of­a-kind designer hats. We are sure that our hat collections will satisfy your tastes of elegance and style and you will have the confidence that only the perfect hat can give.

What A Hat’s owner, Warbrit Russell Lowery, travels primarily to military bases in the south selling his trendy hats. Warbrit is available to provide a unique shopping experience as you see, feel, and try on selections from our large variety of high quality hats.

Warbrit looks forward to the opportunity to not only assist you as you enjoy trying on new hats, but also meeting new customers. It is his goal to build a reputation of providing great customer satisfaction to a growing hat­wearing population.